Spongebob Dutchmans Dash game
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Spongebob Dutchmans Dash game 5 5 1
The sea is home to all sorts of things and creatures. One particular legend the sea holds is the Flying Dutchman. Rumors of the Flying Dutchman roaming the sea at night still holds prevalent even under the sea. One stormy night, Spongebob was about to feed his pet snail, Gary when he couldn't find him in the house. He soon realizes that the Legendary flying Dutchman took Gary. Now the life of Gary hangs in the balance at the whims of the Dutchman and it is now up to Spongebob and Patrick to save him. Catch up to the Flying Dutchman and beat your opponents with your special attack in Spongebob Dutchamns Dash Game 2.