Spongebob Super Brawl 2
Ratings: 4.7/5 from 25 users
Spongebob Super Brawl 2 4.7 5 25
The biggest brawl man has ever known is right at your fingertips. With the biggest cast in their line, you get to play with the lovable cast from Nickelodeon shows. Play your adorable characters from your favorite Nickelodeon shows like Spongebo Squarepants, Madagascar, Jimmy Neutron among many other shows. You can pick out what character to play with and who you are going against with. Then pick out any themed stage to fight. Fight your opponents, unleash insane attack moves, perform exhilarating finishing moves and outlast your opponents. Brawl to your heart's content in this exciting and gun fighting game of Spongebob Super Brawl 2.